Thursday, January 19, 2012

Suite Life

Well, my last post was a little premature.  My friends and I actually booked a last minute trip to South Beach for the night.  We had one hour to pack and get ready from the time we booked.  Crazy.  It was a blast, but I didn't have any time to snag a cupcake as it was a ridiculously short trip.  However, I was able to grab a sweet treat in Connecticut.

I have always said Connecticut is very vanilla.  Nothing much to it - very mediocre.  When I was in Norwalk, CT I stopped at Cake Suite, and I found it appropriate to get a vanilla cupcake.  I did go a little crazy and get one with chocolate icing and sprinkles.   
Icing - Chocolate.  Very smooth and had a light flavor that I really liked.  Cake - Pretty dry.  Not that great.  Yellow cake with chocolate icing is one of my all time favorite combos, but this one was just okay.  Cake Suite specializes in actual cakes for a special occasion and probably bulk cupcakes too.  I don't think they sell a lot of cupcakes "off the rack".  You can see the display below...
Not all that appealing - close to the floor and only a handful of varieties.  I probably wouldn't go back to Cake Suite, so hopefully Connecticut has another spot I can try!


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