Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Over the holidays I traveled down to Orlando to visit the fam and while there I made a stop at Blue Bird Bake Shop (bluebirdbakeshop.com).  They had a nice variety of cupcakes and they all looked delicious.  Due to my indecisiveness I decided to buy two to take home so I could split with my mom.  
I loved the simple packaging and cute sticker.  I am a sucker for things like this.  

Neapolitan - I loved the strawberry icing.  It had the right amount of strawberry taste to it and was the perfect consistency.  The cake was just okay.  Personally, I did not think the flavors were strong enough.  The strawberry outweighed the vanilla and chocolate for sure.  I think a rich chocolate bottom would have helped.  Overall it was a delicious cupcake.  I loved the presentation.  Usually I don't enjoy that much icing, but I thought it looked nice.  
To get in the holiday spirit my second choice was Peppermint.  This was a chocolate cake with a peppermint buttercream.  Again, I loved the icing, but thought the cake was just so so.  All together it had a really good flavor.  I  liked the contrast that the crushed peppermint and chocolate shavings provided.

I would absolutely try Blue Bird again.  I arrived at closing time, so I can imagine that these cupcakes would be much better right when the bakery opens.   


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